About Us

With decades of experience and continuous service to businesses and organisations of all types, we pride ourselves on our unique and diligent approach. Our approach has enabled Dennison UK Ltd to consistently be right at the forefront of our business areas. Over the years, we have expanded our business to provide services in various sectors, including recyclable materials, freight logistics and the importing of packaging products. We have introduced factories for manufacturing and distributing a range of bespoke branded packaging products, which can always be tailored to the customer’s requirements. In addition, we have extended our business to the recycling of materials, recovering OCC (old corrugated cartons) and Polyethylene (LDPE packaging film scrap) from the market sector to be reused in the production of packaging material. Transportation has always been an essential component in delivering our wide range of services, hence our freight department was created to maintain and drive forward our service levels.

Our clients belong to all types of industries, including manufacturing industries, high street retail stores, independent retail shops, fast food retail chains, food processing companies and many more. Our aim as a business is to provide our clients with services that are tailored to their organisation, within the framework of the services our group provides.

Our facilities are second-to-none, making Dennison UK Ltd your first port of call for any packaging and freight services your organisation requires. We are delighted to present you with information about our company and our services.

Dennison UK also provides top-class packaging services:

Packaging service is directed for clients and companies in manufacturing, retail, fast food and many more. Using bespoke packaging products made from paper and plastic materials.